I have a full compliment of equipment carefully chosen to suit my particular voice characteristics, with attention to quality sonic reproduction and the best overall result possible for the client. Mics and preamps feed the digital interface directly, eliminating any and all sonic degradation that can stem from USB bus conversion or analog mixer routing.


Primary Signal Path

This is my 'go-to' signal path that utilizes some of the finest audio equipment on the planet. The legendary John Hardy built my pre-amp...

U87a Condenser by Neumann, manufactured Berlin, 1988

Here is my actual U87 in action on two iconic ad campaigns: The VO in Elizabeth Taylor's 'White Diamonds' TV spot, and the VO for the original X-Files movie in 1998, were both performed on the very microphone that now sits in my isolation booth. Not just the same model, but the actual mic. I acquired it from the voice talent featured in the two videos you can see below...

The Neumann sits in an Enhanced Audio M600 mount engineered in Ireland

Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun, for clean cut-through on imaging

John Hardy M-1 Jensen-powered microphone FET preamp custom-built by John Hardy

Universal Audio 6176 tube amplifier/processor/compressor

Lynx L-22 Professional Audio Interface

The world-renowned 'Pauly' pop filter hand-made in Germany

Yamaha HS50M Reference Monitors for supreme accuracy


"Even when I am away, I can record to meet your needs..."

MXL large diaphram VO1-A Signature condenser by Harlan Hogan

RE20 dynamic microphone for broadcast by Electro-Voice

H4N Digital Field and Studio Recorder and Preamp

Adobe 1.5 Audition software

Lenovo Thinkpad (IBM) Intel Core i7 2.90 GHz 8 GB RAM, 2013

I also stock...


Shure SM7B dynamic *

audio-technica ATM 75 condenser headset mic

APTD dual-screen plosive filters by Middle Atlantic

* This is the model used by Michael Jackson to record his iconic 'Thriller' album...

Additional Outboard gear

Peavey PV6 mixing console FOR MONITORING ONLY

Gated Edirol UA-4FX audio interface by Roland


Broadcast Host hybrid phone patch by JK Audio

Professional studio monitor headphones by Harlan Hogan

Ancient pair of MK IV monitoring headphones by Scintrex that make my ears bleed but their definition is outstanding and I can't bear to part with them...