Most yearn for the capacity to write. Many can.

Some can do it well.

Few can do it effortlessly.

Regardless of the subject matter, Gordon Gibb has the ability to mine the right words for the occasion. Technical pieces are readable, humour pieces enjoyable, profiles memorable. "It's like you've known me my entire life, and yet we have just met!" A common refrain.

In every instance, a page-turner that stays with you.

"There is a place into which I disappear when I write, as if I am passing through a door, into the unknown. When I emerge, I discover a collection of words on the screen that hint at where I've been, and the world I visited. A world alive with sights and sounds, flavors and feelings. The emotion of my subject, or the subject at hand.

"The emotion of the piece, regardless of the genre, passes through the page and touches the reader, instantly providing a lasting connection."

If it's important for you to connect with your client, your customer, with your reader effectively and efficiently, Gordon Gibb can help you. Also available as a Web writer, Gordon is very....very...FAST.