My emergence as a voiceover professional is a natural extension of my nearly forty-year career behind the broadcast microphone. Since the tender age of 15 I've been busy honing my craft, with the capacity to deliver the right sound, at the right moment.

Words used to describe me: impressive range, expressive, rich, natural. Not 'rattle-the-windows' deep, but warm and pleasant.

Sincere. And believable.

I have been assigned major broadcast campaigns in Canada and the US as well as internationally, together with a host of web flash campaigns which are heard the world over. Clients include Nestle - Kraft - The American Cancer Society - Symantec - The Canadian Medical Association - Shimano - The Canadian Standards Association - The Hospital for Sick Children Toronto - novelist Nora Roberts - Amgen - Rogers - Bandag International, and many more.

I can bring any piece of copy to life - be it retail, corporate, educational, technical.

Vocal range, and versatility is the key.

I can bring a warmth to your campaign, a sincerity that's often hard to find. This style is conducive to corporate campaigns, or message-on-hold systems.

Another campaign may require a performance that delivers more vitality - a lighter, brighter sound. A sound with a smile. And for campaigns requiring punch and power, I posess the chops to rock out with the required energy to deliver maximum affect, and achieve the desired results.

With so many 'voices' in my portfolio, I can give you just the right sound for your creative. This is especially true for radio, and television station imaging.

A word about passion: There are thousands of voices in the wilderness of various shades, types and stripes. Baritone. Soprano. Voices that are raspy and distant, voices that are rich, and comforting.

But a voice is just that: a voice. A voice without passion is little more than two strips of vibrating membrane.

A singer has to feel the song to sing it effectively, to evoke the emotion the song harbours, waiting for its' release. To embrace the heart, and touch the soul.

Voicing a marketing campaign is no different. And when you want to hire a voice, you also want to hire the heart that goes with it.

Regardless of the sound, and the style your campaign requires...

It is lost...if it isn't real.

"A proud user of world-renowned NEUMANN microphones..."

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